Ray Christman, Executive Director, Livable Cities Coalition, Bruce Gunter and Richard Lui, anchor MSNBC

Dennis Boyden, Regional Manager, External Affairs, AT&T, Georgia and Bruce Gunter
Since 1990, Enterprise and PRI have partnered on many affordable housing transactions. PRI continues to be an excellent partner that we can rely on to do what they say they will do. They are able to take on and complete challenging projects including new construction, rehab, housing for families, seniors, or homeless individuals. They have a transparent leadership team and a competent staff that is easy to work with at all levels of the organization. We place a high value on this relationship with and we look forward to our continued partnership with PRI for many years to come!

PRI Development takes its responsibility as stewards of public resources seriously, and operates at the highest levels of integrity, transparency and honesty with all of our partners in our developments. PRI Development is particularly proud of its reputation for fostering communication among the diverse parties in any deal, whether it be lenders, investors, political officials or neighborhood residents. Our partners know us to be thorough and hard-working, and particularly adept at problem-solving. Our staff uses its best efforts to anticipate problems before they occur, thereby mitigating risk and larger problems in the future. Our proactive nature compels us to think outside the box and be prepared for myriad challenges confronted in this industry.

We strive to work collaboratively with the property managers and resident services staff to create a project that will serve the breadth of needs of our tenants. By focusing on the economic, physical and social aspects, we create a holistic approach to affordable housing

Grants to GreenGrants to Green provides environmentally focused knowledge and funding to strengthen nonprofits. This partnership between The Community Foundation, Southface and Enterprise Community Partners gives metro Atlanta nonprofits the opportunity to renovate or build healthier work places that are energy and water efficient and environmentally efficient. The ultimate goal is to improve a nonprofit organization’s building structure to not only have less of an environmental impact, but also to increase the cost-efficiency of operations, ideally saving more finances to provide more services.

PRI has received Grants to Green Assessment Grants for several of its multi-family projects to date and has been awarded the ability to proudly display the Grants to Green logo on its website.

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