After 25 years of developing, owning, and managing affordable multi-family rental housing, PRI is winding down its activities. We want to express our deep appreciation to the many incredible folks who became good friends and colleagues over this period, and who certainly share in PRI's accomplishments.

Our mission has always been to improve lives and revitalize communities. PRI became, over the years, the largest nonprofit owner and developer of affordable housing in Georgia. Through 2010, PRI, with its partners, delivered 4,188 affordable housing units that provided a home for nearly 10,000 people. 80% of those units were in the Atlanta metro area, with others elsewhere in Georgia and South Carolina.

We targeted housing for families, for single individuals with special needs, and for senior citizens. We served the poor, as nearly half of our units were rented to households earning less than 50% of the Area Median Income. Many of the properties developed by PRI are now in the hands of other affordable housing providers, both for-profit and not-for profit entities.

As we step aside, we salute the good work that non-profits such as Project Community Connections and CaringWorks do every day. If you are interested in developing affordable housing or providing supportive services, we urge you to contact them through the links provided at this website. We have also provided links to other companies in the metro Atlanta area who are leaders in the field of affordable housing.

We thank our Board of Directors, partners, supporters, employees, friends and colleagues for their years of dedication to the mission. PRI's positive difference in our communities will resonate for many years to come.